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ARUNACHALARAMANAHOME is an oasis of tranquility conveniently located at the heart of active and busy districts of central Tiruvannamalai.
Our hotel is perfect for the budget conscious who are looking for a safe, clean and peaceful place to stay. ARUNACHALARAMANAHOME has all modern facilities and superb relaxing environment. our friendly staff create warm and unique atmosphere and will make you feel special.

If you are a backpacker or simply looking for a reasonably priced accommodation and a comfortable room, then you don't need to look any further. ARUNACHALARAMANAHOME is a bright and happy place, very affordable, safe, clean and relaxing.

Tiruvannamalai Tourist Visiting Places

Arunachala Temple is an living symbol of ancient Tamil architecture. The 11 tiered East Rajagopuram temple towers to a height of 217 feet, while the fortified walls pierced with 4 tower entrances offer a formidable look to this vast temple complex.

Ramana Maharshi (Maha or great, Rishi or Enlightened Being) was the awe inspiring sage who's presence graced the renowned sacred Arunachala hill during much of the 20th century.

Yogi ramsuratkumar   (01-dec-1918 to 20-feb-2001), inspiried by Mahabaratha Ramayana   and hindu sadhus,  left the material life and turn to spiritual seekings. He traveled from Surat (north india) to Tiruvannamalai for realization and found settled here until end of his life journey.

Sathanur Dam Located 45 minutes (35 kilometer) driving time from Tiruvannamalai. Dam has been built across the river “Pennar” , it is nice place to chill out.  Well maintained green foam park and huge trees. There is also a mini zoo with crocodile farm children enjoys it.